“You have the choice in wahlburg” – living political education at dalberg-gymnasium

At Dalberg-Gymnasium in Aschaffenburg, political education is actively practiced. Under the motto “You have the choice in Wahlburg,” students are taking an in-depth look at the topic of democracy as part of a project. Not only theoretical basics are taught, but also practical experience is gained. The goal of the project is to sensitize young people to political issues and encourage them to actively participate in democratic processes.
In terms of content, the project is divided into several phases. In the first phase, students engage with the basics of democracy. Important concepts such as participation, freedom of expression and human rights will be addressed. In the following phase, the students become active themselves and stand for election. They learn how an election is organized and what tasks election workers perform. In addition, they deal intensively with the election programs of the political parties in order to be able to make an informed decision.
Discussion events with representatives of the political parties also take place as part of the project. Here, the students have the opportunity to address their questions directly to the politicians and to discuss them with them. These experiences promote political awareness and help young people to become involved in political contexts with confidence.
The project “You have the choice in Wahlburg” at Dalberg-Gymnasium impressively demonstrates how political education can be successfully implemented. Students have the chance to develop their own opinions, actively participate in democratic processes and thus take responsibility for their own future. Through practical experience, they become responsible citizens who are able to speak out with self-confidence.

Wahlburg macht Schule – Political Education at Dalberg-Gymnasium

The subject of political education is an important topic for the Dalberg-Gymnasium in Wahlburg. Under the motto “You have the choice in Wahlburg” the students receive a lively political education. It is important that young people understand the importance of political decision-making processes and their impact on society at an early age.

Within the framework of political education, there are numerous activities at Dalberg-Gymnasium. For example, project days are held during which the students can deal intensively with various political topics. The student council and the arbiters of disputes are also important components of everyday school life and enable the young people to actively stand up for their interests.

In addition, excursions and visits to political institutions and parties are regularly organized to give students the opportunity to gain practical experience outside of school as well. The subject “Politics and Economics” also plays a special role in the curriculum, in which young people acquire a sound knowledge of political education and can critically examine political issues.

All in all, political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium is an important pillar of the students’ education and ensures that they grow up to be mature and politically interested people. The motto “You have the choice in Wahlburg” is brought to life and ensures that young people are involved in the political decision-making process at an early stage.

Lively political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium

Dalberg-Gymnasium attaches great importance to practical political education. One example of this is the project “You have the choice in Wahlburg”, which is aimed at all students in the upper school.

Within the framework of the project, the school organizes a fictitious mayoral election in the town of “Wahlburg”. Here, students have the opportunity to actively participate in politics. You can nominate candidates, participate in election campaigns and cast your vote in the end.

Through this practical implementation of political education, the students learn not only theoretical basics, but also what political processes look like in practice. Exchanges with other students, discussions and debates also contribute to broadening political understanding.

  • The project gives students the opportunity to actively participate in political processes.
  • Through discussions and exchange, political topics are deepened in a practical way.
  • Students learn how election campaigns work and the processes behind political decisions.

Additional political education opportunities for students

In addition to the project “You have the choice in Wahlburg”, Dalberg-Gymnasium offers a number of other programs for students in the area of political education. This includes, for example, lectures and discussions on current political topics held by experts from politics and society. Here, students have the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions.

In addition, the school regularly organizes excursions to political institutions such as the parliament or the Bundesrat (Federal Council). Here, students can experience the political process first-hand and deepen their knowledge of the political system.

  • Further offers for political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium:
  • Workshops on political participation and engagement
  • Projects on human rights and democracy
  • Film screenings and discussions on political films
  • Participation in student competitions in the area of political education

All of these offerings help to ensure that students at Dalberg-Gymnasium receive a comprehensive political education and can actively participate in political events.

Successes and awards in the field of political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium

Dalberg-Gymnasium has always been committed to political education. With the project “You have the choice in Wahlburg” the school has now also received a special award: The German School Award.

The students of Dalberg-Gymnasium have brought Wahlburg to life as part of the project. In a simulation game, they dealt with political topics and discovered their own abilities and opinions in the process. The project not only inspired the students, but also convinced the jury of the German School Award.

But also apart from the project, there are numerous offers in the field of political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium. Among other things, there is a school newspaper in which political topics are presented. In addition, there are regular events and workshops on political education, held by both teachers and guests from the world of politics.

But not only the program at Dalberg-Gymnasium is impressive. The students’ commitment to political education is also remarkable. At regular intervals, they take part in elections, demonstrations and political discussions. Thus, they not only contribute to political education, but also to democracy in Germany.

  • Conclusion: Dalberg-Gymnasium is actively engaged in the political education of its students. With the successful project “You have the choice in Wahlburg”, the school received a special award and showed that political education can be lively and exciting.

Political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium – an essential education for young citizens

Dalberg-Gymnasium is an educational institution that has always considered political education to be an important part of schooling. The project “You have the choice in Wahlburg” is a good example of how lively political education is taught here. Students can experience first-hand the importance of having a voice and getting involved in democratic processes and elections.

Dalberg-Gymnasium places a high value on differentiated political education, which should enable students to develop a critical awareness of political decisions in their community, their country, and around the world. By organizing political events, discussions and workshops, students are given the necessary tools for politically conscious participation in democratic life in society.

Political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium is thus an indispensable part of school education. It teaches students not only the importance of democratic processes, but also ethical values such as a sense of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity. Through these values and political engagement, the students are enabled to actively participate in society and lay the foundation for a self-determined future.

In summary, it can be said that political education at Dalberg-Gymnasium occupies an important place in the curriculum and represents an essential education for young citizens. It is therefore gratifying that projects such as “You have the choice in Wahlburg” contribute to the lively and practical implementation of political education.

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