“Woof!” – here comes hazel!

Hazel is the newest star in the children’s book sky. The little Chihuahua lady is taking the hearts of young and old by storm. With her witty and charming nature, she inspires not only animal-loving readers, but also those who previously did not like dogs.

Author Anna Woltz’s “Hazel keeps everyone on their toes” is a best-seller. The story, at times sensitive and at times turbulent, tells what happens when Hazel and her family move to a new town and all habits change. It’s about love, friendship, trust and cohesion.

The book is not just wonderful entertainment. It also promotes literacy and empathy skills in children. It shows how important it is to understand and be there for each other. The message the book conveys is simple, yet so profound: Life can be unfamiliar at times, but if you stick together, you can do anything.

Who is Hazel?

Hazel is a dog. But not just any dog, but a very special four-legged friend. She is a Welsh Corgi Pembroke and enjoys great popularity on Instagram and YouTube. There, her owner, a Swiss woman named Anna, shares photos and videos of her and Hazel. The little dog now has a large following and is considered by many to be a regular internet celebrity.

Anna describes Hazel as a fun and playful animal who loves to be around people and gets along wonderfully with other dogs as well. In her photos and videos, she is often seen happy and bright, which certainly contributes to her popularity. She also has a cute look, with her short, chunky little legs and big googly eyes.

In addition to her online fame, Hazel is a loyal companion in the real world as well. Anna takes them on all kinds of adventures, whether it’s a walk in the mountains or a ride in a canoe. There she proves that although she is small, she has a great personality. All of this makes Hazel an absolute crowd pleaser that brings joy to many people.

What does “woof” stand for!”?

You may have already heard about Hazel, a new online store for dog accessories, and wondered what the name actually means. But what does the “woof” do refer to?!” that accompanies the name Hazel in the advertising world?

As an animal lover, you surely know that dogs often express themselves by barking. For many dogs, barking is a way of communication that they use to attract the attention of their owners or other dogs. The cry “woof!” is one of the most well-known sounds dogs make, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. Some dogs bark to play, others to fend off attackers, and still others bark simply for the joy of barking themselves.

Hazel is all about the “woof!” for the joyful and enthusiastic feeling you experience when interacting, playing or just being around a dog. The name reminds us how important our four-legged friends are to our well-being and how much joy they can bring us.

The advantages of Hazel

Hazel is the perfect addition to any family that would love to have a dog, but can’t for personal or practical reasons. This intelligent, affectionate, and cute robot dog offers numerous advantages that make her an attractive option.

First of all, Hazel is very low maintenance, as she has no regular visits to the vet, no food costs, and no need for elaborate technical equipment. In addition, Hazel doesn’t need to be walked or brushed, which makes grooming very easy.

Another great advantage of Hazel is its versatility. She is able to perform numerous tricks and movements that make her an entertaining playmate for children and adults alike. She is also able to understand and respond to simple commands, making her a great household helper.

And even when it comes to ensuring your safety, Hazel can come in handy. It can e.g. react to sounds and sound the alarm when an intruder breaks into your home. With all these benefits, Hazel is a great alternative to a real dog, especially for families who are unable to own or care for one.

Traveling with Hazel

Hazel is a faithful and reliable companion for travelers. As a dog, however, he can sometimes cause confusion. Here are some tips for a successful journey with Hazel:

  • Plan ahead: Find out about the various transportation options for dogs and find out in advance if your hotel is dog-friendly.
  • Make sure Hazel gets enough exercise and relaxation: schedule regular breaks and find places where Hazel can run and play freely.
  • Prepare a packing list for Hazel: Don’t forget to pack food, treats, toys and other essentials for your four-legged friend.
  • Remember safety: make sure Hazel is always buckled up and not free to move around the car while driving. Use if necessary. a dog crate or a safety harness.
  • Always keep Hazel on a leash: Even if your dog is well trained, unexpected situations can arise. Therefore, always keep Hazel on a leash, especially in unfamiliar surroundings.

With these tips, you can travel safely and relaxed with Hazel and have a wonderful time together.

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