Volunteering in the gap year: lotta’s experiences in namibia

The gap year between school and university offers many young people the opportunity to gain new experience in other countries. Lotta has decided to volunteer in Namibia and reports here about her first impressions and her farewell from home.

Lotta made a conscious decision to spend a year abroad to further her personal development and to get involved in a meaningful cause. As a volunteer in a school project in Namibia, she is confronted with new challenges every day and has to adapt quickly to the foreign culture.

In this report, Lotta talks about her experiences and impressions in Namibia, about difficult moments and beautiful experiences, about new friendships and her personal development during her gap year volunteer service.

Read more about Lotta’s experiences as a volunteer in Namibia and how she deals with the challenges of her gap year here.

Saying goodbye to home: Lotta’s experience in Namibia

When Lotta decided to spend a volunteer year in Namibia, she knew she would have to adjust to many changes. But saying goodbye to her familiar home was especially difficult for her. After packing all her things, she said goodbye to her friends and family and set off for her new adventure.

Arriving in Namibia, Lotta was warmly welcomed by her host parents. The first days were not easy for her, as she had to get used to the new environment and culture. But as time went on, she got to know the people in Namibia better and better and slowly but surely started to settle in.

  • Lotta was particularly impressed by Namibia’s nature. The endless expanses of the savannah and the breathtaking sunsets have taken her heart by storm.
  • She also enjoys working in her volunteer placement, a school for disadvantaged children. She is learning every day and is happy to see the progress of her students.
  • However, she misses her family and friends in Germany very much. But through video calls and messages, she has been able to keep in touch, so she doesn’t feel alone despite the distance.

Lotta learned a lot and gained valuable experience during her volunteer year in Namibia. Even though leaving home was not easy, she does not regret her decision and is looking forward to the coming months in this beautiful country.

First impressions in Namibia

I recently decided to volunteer as part of my gap year and traveled to Namibia. Leaving home was not easy, of course, but I am glad to have this chance.

Once I arrived in Namibia, I was immediately struck by the vastness and beauty of the landscape. The endless savannah and majestic mountains are breathtaking and unlike anything I have ever seen before.

I live in a small hut in a village and work in a school. Although I can’t speak many words in Oshiwambo – the local language – I have already met many nice people and feel welcome here.

The community here is different from the hustle and bustle of the city that I am used to. I appreciate the peace and serenity here and look forward to learning more about Namibian culture and traditions.

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Volunteering in the gap year: lotta's experiences in namibia

Experiences and challenges during my volunteer service in Namibia

I’m Lotta and I decided to take a gap year to use my time wisely and learn more about other cultures and countries. My stay in Namibia has had many highlights and challenges.

A first impression of Namibia was the breathtaking landscape that greeted me on the way from the airport to the project site. The rust-colored hills and the vastness of the country immediately intrigued me and I couldn’t wait to see more.

The work in my project has also enriched me very much. I worked in a conservation park and experienced many animals such as elephants and lions first hand. The opportunity to see these impressive animals in the wild was an unforgettable experience for me.

However, there were also challenges that I had to face. The work in the nature reserve required a lot of physical effort and I had to get used to the harsh climate quickly. The language barrier also caused me difficulties at first, as I speak very little Afrikaans.

Overall, my stay in Namibia was a memorable experience that enriched me personally. I have acquired new skills and my horizon has been broadened. I can only recommend everyone to make such an experience once.

The return home

When I decided to do a gap year, I was very happy I knew that I would be leaving my family and home behind for an extended period of time. Despite my anticipation of new adventures and experiences, I was afraid of what awaited me and how difficult it would be to maintain my connection to my homeland.

After spending several months in Namibia, I can now say that my homecoming is in sight and I have many mixed emotions. On the one hand, I am incredibly proud of everything I have achieved here and how much I have grown. On the other hand, I know it won’t be easy to leave my new friends and my work here behind.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given here and that I have had the chance to grow and learn. But I’m also excited to be back home and to see all the people I miss so much again. I hope to use my experiences here in Namibia to continue to grow and expand my horizons back home as well.

  • Farewell: Saying goodbye to home was hard, but I knew I had new experiences to share.
  • Namibia: Namibia has given me incredible opportunities to grow and learn.
  • Returning home: I am excited to come back home and use my experiences here in Namibia to enrich my life.

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