Loss of insurance coverage and cancellation of the accident insurance policy

An accident can happen quickly and have serious consequences. Accident insurance provides the necessary financial protection in the event of an accident. But what happens if the insurance is cancelled?? Unfortunately, this can happen more and more often.

More and more people lose their insurance coverage due to cancellation. There are various reasons for this, such as contract conditions or lack of ability to pay. Cancellations are also often made for reasons that the insured is not aware of at all. This makes it all the more important to protect yourself from such situations.

The consequences of such a situation can be dramatic. On the one hand, the costs must be borne by the company itself in the event of an accident, which can be existentially threatening. On the other hand, a cancellation can also have serious consequences for the future, as it becomes more difficult to take out new insurance.

It is therefore extremely important to thoroughly inform yourself in advance about the terms and conditions of an accident insurance policy. This is the only way to protect yourself against the gradual loss of insurance coverage and possible cancellation.

The reasons of gradual loss of insurance coverage

The gradual loss of insurance coverage can have various causes. One of the main causes is the economic pressure faced by insurance companies. One way to reduce costs is to outsource risks or cancel policies that are not sufficiently profitable.

Other factors that may result in the loss of coverage include changes in the insured’s living situation, such as a divorce or a change of residence. Health problems can also cause insurance companies to cancel policies or reduce coverage.

Another cause of the creeping loss of insurance coverage is the complexity of insurance contracts. Consumers often do not understand the terms and clauses in their policies that make it easier for insurance companies to cancel or reduce coverage.

  • Economic pressure on insurance companies to reduce costs
  • Changes in the life situation of the insured
  • Health problems of the insured
  • Complexity of insurance contracts

To avoid the loss of insurance coverage, it is important to understand the terms and clauses in insurance contracts carefully and to contact the insurance company immediately in case of changes in the life situation or health problems.

It’s also a good idea to regularly compare different insurance plans and switch insurers, if necessary, to ensure that coverage meets individual needs and requirements.

Loss of insurance coverage and cancellation of the accident insurance policy

Consequences of terminating accident insurance

Cancellation of an accident insurance policy can have far-reaching consequences. First and foremost, there is a creeping loss of insurance coverage. This means that full benefits can no longer be provided in the event of an accident. You may be stuck with the costs of treatment and rehabilitation, or even have to meet third-party claims.

In addition, canceling accident insurance can also have psychological consequences. You may feel unsafe and fear you are no longer in complete control of your life. Especially if you are in a profession where accidents are more common, you should think twice about forgoing insurance coverage.

Another aspect to consider when terminating accident insurance concerns insurance rates. If you later want to purchase accident insurance again, you may well have to pay higher rates. Generally, insurers will also conduct a health assessment when you take out accident insurance again, taking into account possible pre-existing conditions and risks.

  • Summary: Cancellation of accident insurance can not only lead to a gradual loss of insurance coverage, but also have psychological consequences. In addition, if you take out a new accident insurance policy at a later date, you may be subject to higher rates.

How to restore your insurance coverage

A gradual loss of insurance coverage and cancellation of accident insurance can have serious consequences. Injuries or damages caused by accidents are often unpredictable and can lead to significant costs. Therefore, it is important to maintain your insurance coverage.

Loss of insurance coverage and cancellation of the accident insurance policy

If you have canceled your accident insurance policy or the policy has been canceled by your insurer, there are several options to restore your coverage. One option is to take out a new policy with another insurer. To do this, compare the offers of different insurance companies and pay attention to the different benefits and rates.

Another option is to contact your current insurer and arrange a renegotiation of the existing insurance contract. Here you can discuss whether it is possible to maintain the existing policy or change it to another plan that better suits your current needs.

  • Make sure you carefully review all the terms and conditions of the policy before taking out a new accident insurance policy.
  • Always keep your insurance papers carefully and keep them up to date.
  • Always inform your insurer promptly of any changes in your life situation, such as a career change or a change in your state of health.

In the event of cancellation, you should be aware that you may not be able to take out a new insurance policy immediately. Especially in the case of serious injuries or pre-existing conditions, it can be difficult to take out an insurance policy. However, the sooner you act in such cases, the better your chances of having your insurance coverage restored in a timely manner.

The creeping loss of insurance coverage and legal protection against involuntary termination of insurance

It can happen quickly that you lose your insurance coverage due to a change in the insurance conditions or due to the elimination of certain risks. This gradual loss can be disconcerting, especially when you consider that it puts your own financial security at risk. But there are ways to protect yourself against an unwanted termination of insurance.

First of all, you should read the insurance conditions carefully before signing a contract. This is where it can be helpful to seek advice from an expert. Furthermore, there is often the option of taking out a protection policy. This gives you special legal protection and helps you to assert your own interests.

If, despite all efforts, the insurance policy is terminated involuntarily, there is the option of taking legal action. In many cases, termination is not legal and can be challenged. In this case, it is important to act quickly and contact a lawyer who specializes in insurance law.

  • In summary, it can be said that you should actively seek to obtain insurance coverage.
  • It is worthwhile to carefully examine the insurance conditions and, if necessary, seek advice from an expert.
  • A protection letter can help to obtain legal assistance in the event of an involuntary termination.
  • If termination does occur, you should act quickly and contact an experienced lawyer.

Ultimately, protection against involuntary termination of insurance depends on various factors. However, it is advisable to find out about the options at an early stage and to actively ensure that the insurance cover is maintained.


More and more people in Germany are losing their insurance cover and are therefore left without protection in the event of an accident. This gradual loss of insurance coverage has many causes, e.g. High premiums or lack of information about important policies. People with low incomes and those working in precarious jobs are particularly affected.

Another problem is the cancellation of accident insurance by insurance companies. Often this happens because of alleged errors or inconsistencies in the application, which is often incomprehensible to the insured. Especially in times of Corona, when many people fear for their jobs, a loss of insurance coverage is particularly dramatic.

It is therefore important that insured parties inform themselves about their rights and obligations and seek professional advice when in doubt. Policymakers are also needed to stop the creeping loss of insurance coverage and improve consumer protection.

  • Conclusion: the creeping loss of insurance coverage and cancellation of accident insurance are serious problems that affect many people. It’s important for insureds to be aware of their rights and responsibilities, and for policymakers to take action to improve consumer protections.

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