Engine driver instead of pilot: dream job gone thanks to corona

The Corona pandemic has had not only a health but also an economic impact in recent months. Many companies had to cut back or even close down, which also had an impact on people’s jobs. However, some industries, such as aviation, were hit particularly hard. Flight cancellations, customer declines and general uncertainty have caused many pilots to lose their dream jobs.

The train driver’s job is the antithesis of that. While many sectors of the economy have been affected by the Corona crisis, the rail industry in Germany has benefited from the pandemic. The crisis has led many people to avoid cars and planes and increasingly switch to trains. As a result, the demand for trains increased, as well as for those who run them.

As a result, career prospects for some pilots have changed dramatically. At first glance, a job in the railroad industry may not seem as glamorous or exciting as flying in a cockpit. But for many former pilots, it’s a chance to continue doing work they enjoy, and it’s also in an industry with future prospects.

The story of pilots choosing a career as train drivers shows that the Corona crisis has not only negative effects. There are also other professions that are benefiting from the crisis and offering new career opportunities.

Corona pandemic hits pilots hard

One of the most serious consequences of the Corona pandemic is undoubtedly the massive collapse of the aviation industry. Airlines are struggling with massive losses and this means that many jobs in this sector are also at risk. One of the professions hit particularly hard by the crisis is pilots.

Most airlines have now taken drastic cost-cutting measures and laid off employees. Many pilots have lost their jobs or been put on unpaid leave. But even those who have been able to keep their jobs are facing financial losses. Salaries have been cut, overtime has been eliminated and the prospects for an improvement in the situation are uncertain.

For many pilots this is a hard blow, because for a long time the profession of pilot was considered a very prestigious and lucrative dream job. But now many of them have to look for alternatives. Some have already taken the plunge and retrained to become train drivers. Because skilled workers are also urgently needed in the rail industry.

This is certainly not an easy decision for pilots looking for new prospects. But the Corona pandemic has shown how quickly labor market conditions can change and how important it is to remain flexible. It is to be hoped that the situation in the aviation industry will soon stabilize again and that pilots will once more have prospects for the future.

Retraining as a train driver as an alternative to becoming a pilot

The Corona pandemic has hit many professions hard, including that of pilot. Many companies, especially airlines, have had to cut back or even cease operations altogether, resulting in layoffs and reduced working hours. Many people who had long dreamed of becoming pilots have therefore had to look for alternatives.

One of the interesting options for retraining is the job of a train driver. This is a comparatively secure employer that offers long-term prospects. In addition, due to the shortage of skilled workers, there are currently good job opportunities for prospective train drivers.

Training to become a train driver usually lasts between 18 and 24 months and includes both theoretical and practical units. The theoretical phase teaches the basics of physics and mechanics, safety regulations and operational procedures. In practice, the prospective train drivers learn how to handle the trains, how to brake and accelerate, and how to drive under various conditions.

Engine driver instead of pilot: dream job gone thanks to corona
  • benefits of retraining as train drivers:
  • Long-term perspective in a secure labor market
  • Good job opportunities due to shortage of skilled workers
  • Varied and exciting job
  • Attractive salary and good benefits
  • Opportunities for further vocational training

Those who decide to retrain as train drivers can therefore expect a promising professional future even in times of Corona.

Conclusion: New opportunities in the crisis

The Corona crisis has hit many professions hard. Pilots have also had to fear for their jobs in recent months. But there are also positive developments. For example, more and more train drivers are being sought. With the rise of online retail and the accompanying increase in transportation, opportunities for jobs in this industry have increased.

There are also new opportunities in other areas. Digitization is being driven in many companies, and as a result, new jobs are being created in IT. In addition, companies are increasingly looking for healthcare professionals, as the crisis has once again highlighted the importance of healthcare.

It is important for those affected to keep their eyes open and find out about alternative career opportunities. It may also be worth retraining or acquiring additional qualifications in order to distinguish oneself from other applicants. Although the crisis is having a severe impact on the labor market, it is also creating new opportunities that need to be exploited.

  • New opportunities through digitalization
  • More jobs in healthcare
  • More jobs than train drivers

It is also important to adapt to change. Flexibility and adaptability are particularly in demand in times of crisis. Those who are willing to embrace new situations and try new ways of doing things can also benefit from the changes. The crisis not only means restrictions and challenges, but also opens up new perspectives and opportunities.

Engine driver instead of pilot: dream job gone thanks to corona

It’s important not to lose heart and to keep looking for new prospects. The crisis will eventually be over, and those who have prepared for new challenges in good time will also benefit in the long term in their professional lives.

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