The advantages of a dual study program – practical experience and academic knowledge

The advantages of a dual study program - practical experience and academic knowledge

A dual study program is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This training model is becoming increasingly popular in Germany and offers students a unique opportunity to apply their academic knowledge directly in practice. Unlike a traditional degree program, there is a close integration of theory and practice in a dual degree program, which gives graduates an important advantage in the job market.

The requirements for a dual study program are usually very high. Companies that take on dual students are looking for motivated and talented students with a high degree of initiative. Applicants should also be willing to take on responsibility and work as part of a team. In return, companies offer dual students compensation and often cover tuition fees as well.

Recover lost memories with yodot photo recovery software

Our photos are an important part of our lives. Capture memories of our travels, relationships and other special moments. Unfortunately, our precious memories can be lost due to accidental deletion, formatting of the storage device or even a system crash.

To avoid these losses, Yodot Photo Recovery Software is an effective solution. With this software you can recover lost photos and other media files from your computer, digital camera, memory card or other digital devices.

2 Shares in focus: monthly dividend payments on the horizon

Dividend stocks are popular with many investors because they promise regular distributions in addition to a potential return on investment. Above all, those who are looking for a monthly dividend must specifically search for suitable shares. To find out which companies show particular promise in this space, check out this article.

A stock that promises a high monthly dividend is an attractive entry point for many investors. But how do you find such lucrative securities? The search for stable dividend payments is gaining in importance, particularly in view of the continuing low-interest phase and a generally uncertain market situation.

Automated analysis of satellite and aerial images to measure parking pressure

Measuring parking pressure in cities is a challenge faced by many urban areas around the world. Using satellite and aerial imagery to analyze parking is an effective and cost-efficient way to monitor parking utilization to help plan and optimize road traffic.

Automated analysis of satellite and aerial imagery can be used to identify parking areas quickly and easily. The analysis can also show how often and at what times spaces are occupied and whether they are used by certain types or sizes of vehicles. This helps cities make informed decisions when planning parking and transportation solutions.

Autonomous trucking: hamburg moves forward as first test site

Autonomous trucking: hamburg moves forward as first test site

The development of autonomous vehicles is progressing inexorably and is now also taking concrete shape in Hamburg. The Hanseatic city plans to serve as the first test site for autonomous truck driving, advancing forward-looking technology.

The project is being implemented in collaboration with various manufacturers and industry partners to help make freight transportation more efficient and safer. Various scenarios will be tested and evaluated to gain insights for further development and deployment of autonomous trucks.

Adobe animate: timeline and tweening

Adobe Animate is a popular software used by designers and animators to create animations and interactive media content. One of the most important features of Adobe Animate is the timeline, which allows users to plan and organize their animations. Timeline is a basic tool used in the software that allows you to organize a variety of animated elements such as graphics, images, and text on different layers.
Tweenings are another important feature of Adobe Animate. Tweenings are transitions between two key frames that make movements and changes in animations smoother and more natural. This is an important aspect to achieve a realistic representation of movements in the animations. Tweenings in Adobe Animate can be applied to individual layers, objects, or a group of objects.
In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at using the timeline and tweenings in Adobe Animate. We will look at how they work and how they can be integrated into the animation process to achieve impressive results. If you’re interested in animation and interactive media content, Adobe Animate is a great tool to check out.

What is Adobe Animate?

Adobe Animate is a powerful software for animations and multimedia contents. Adobe Animate lets users create professional animations for websites, applications, games, and more. The software has an intuitive user interface that allows users to take advantage of a variety of features and tools.