Partial corona lockdown: tui cruises cancels 35-day mein schiff 1 cruise voyage

The Corona pandemic still has a firm grip on the tourism industry. Once again, Tui Cruises has had to cancel a cruise voyage. Affected is the 35-day cruise of Mein Schiff 1. The reason for this is the partial lockdown that has been in effect in Germany since the beginning of November.

Increasing numbers of infections and tightened hygiene measures require companies to limit their activities and minimize potential risks. Tui Cruises reacts to the current developments and cancels the planned cruise trip.

Man united foundation hosts elementary school soccer camp

Man United Foundation hosted a soccer camp for primary school children in the UK. The program, organized as part of Manchester United’s community outreach initiative, aimed to teach children the basics of playing soccer and give them the opportunity to play and train alongside other children.

The soccer camp, held at the Manchester United training ground, was a great success. Over 100 children participated and received lessons from experienced coaches and professionals from the association. The children also received a tour of the Etihad Stadium and had the chance to meet some of the Man United team players in person.

Non-formal and informal education

In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to be a lifelong learner in order to keep up with constant changes. But education is not limited to the formal education provided in schools and universities. There are also other types of educational opportunities, often referred to as non-formal and informal educational opportunities.

These offerings include a variety of learning opportunities that do not follow traditional educational paths and do not necessarily end with formal certificates or degrees. They can take place in a variety of settings, such as community centers, libraries, or even online. Such educational opportunities can take place anytime and anywhere, allowing learners to choose their own pace and interests.

Be a saint, become a disciple

Striving to be a saint is a central part of many religious and spiritual traditions. For centuries, believers have strived to make their lives about something beyond the everyday pursuit of happiness and success. But how can you become a saint and what does it actually mean to be a disciple?

In essence, the pursuit of holiness is about detaching yourself from worldly things and striving for the higher instead. This may mean sacrificing oneself or forgoing certain pleasures in order to develop a deeper relationship with God or the world. An important aspect of this process is learning and adopting virtues such as humility, compassion and generosity.

Consumer protection: apple support for jailbreak iphones possible after all

Consumer protection: apple support for jailbreak iphones possible after all

For years Apple has been waging a battle against jailbreak iPhones. The company argues that these devices can affect the security and stability of the iOS operating system as well as the functionality of the hardware. For this reason, warranty claims for tampered devices are also not valid. But now there is a surprising turn of events: A court ruling in Germany says Apple cannot simply refuse support for these devices.

The ruling of the Higher Regional Court in Munich is based on German consumer protection. Accordingly, it is illegal for Apple to refuse support for jailbreak iPhones on principle. In the event of a defect or fault, customers must still be entitled to repair or replacement. This also applies to devices where the jailbreak was done before purchase, as the court ruled.

Brewery gives parental leave to dogs

A brewery in the U.S. recently made headlines for offering its employees parental leave for their dogs. The 7venth Sun Brewery in Florida has decided to offer its employees this unusual form of time off from work. In this case, employees can take up to a week off to care for their four-legged friends.

The brewery’s special service has attracted a great deal of public attention and is seen by many as a model for a working world committed to animal welfare. However, this is not the first company to be particularly creative for its workforce in dealing with pets.

Engine driver instead of pilot: dream job gone thanks to corona

The Corona pandemic has had not only a health but also an economic impact in recent months. Many companies had to cut back or even close down, which also had an impact on people’s jobs. However, some industries, such as aviation, were hit particularly hard. Flight cancellations, customer declines and general uncertainty have caused many pilots to lose their dream jobs.

The train driver’s job is the antithesis of that. While many sectors of the economy have been affected by the Corona crisis, the rail industry in Germany has benefited from the pandemic. The crisis has led many people to avoid cars and planes and increasingly switch to trains. As a result, the demand for trains increased, as well as for those who run them.

4 Methods to recover data from usb flash drive

USB sticks are a convenient way to store data and easily carry it with you. However, important data may get lost or corrupted. In this case, data recovery is inevitable.

There are several reasons why data on USB sticks can be lost. Some reasons are physical, such as damage to the stick’s case, while others can be caused by software problems. Fortunately, there are several methods to recover lost data from USB sticks.

150 Years of the austria-hungary compromise of 1867

The year 1867 marks an important turning point in the history of Austria and Hungary – the Compromise. This event ended Hungary’s total political dependence on Austria and laid the foundation for the dual monarchy that would last until the end of World War I.

The Compromise was the result of years of negotiations and political tension between Austria and Hungary. It led to a division of power between Vienna and Budapest, as well as changes in the constitution and legislation of both countries.