20 Years of build! – carinthian startup incubator celebrates anniversary

For 20 years there has been build! startup incubator in Carinthia, offering company founders a platform to realize their ideas. In 2001 the incubator was founded and since then has produced numerous successful companies.

The idea behind build! was to give young founders space to turn their ideas into a successful business plan. In this context, the incubator provides support not only financially, but also through consulting, networks and infrastructure. The goal of build! Is to promote the emergence of successful companies in Carinthia.

As part of its 20th anniversary, build is not only looking back at the past, but also looking to the future. Because also in the next years build! continue to promote innovative ideas and produce successful startups. The anniversary is thus not only an occasion to celebrate, but also a preview of build’s promising future! and its founders.


20 years ago, build! was founded – a startup incubator that had the idea to support young entrepreneurs in Carinthia. In 2001, the company started with a small team and a vision. Today build! one of the most important contact points for founders in the region.

The founding of build! coincided with a time when Carinthia was reorganizing itself. The economy was facing major challenges and it became clear that the focus needed to be on innovation. The idea of build! was to nurture talent and support innovation. The concept was promising and quickly caught on in the region.

A lot has happened in the last 20 years. Numerous young entrepreneurs have found their way to Carinthia through build! can realize their ideas. The company not only provided the founders with financial support, but also with advice and networks. The successes speak for themselves – many of the startups supported have developed into successful companies.

The foundation of build! was an important step for the economy in Carinthia. Supporting young entrepreneurs and innovation is still an important factor for the region today. 20 years after its foundation, build! can look back on numerous successes and remains an important player in the startup scene.


The Carinthian startup incubator build! is celebrating its 20th anniversary and can look back on numerous successes. Over the years, many innovative ideas and business models have been developed on the incubator’s premises and successfully established on the market.

An important success story is the founding of the company Pro2Future, which has become the leading international competence center for production technology research. The startup Strohhexe was also able to make a name for itself with its sustainable and environmentally friendly production process of biochar as an alternative to fossil fuels.

But the successful development and establishment of startups is not the only success for build!. The incubator’s successes also include creating jobs, fostering entrepreneurship and collaborating with renowned companies and universities.

The 20th anniversary of build! Demonstrates that startup incubators play an important role in fostering innovation and startups. Incubator support enables young entrepreneurs to realize their ideas and operate successfully in the marketplace.

The future of build! – Carinthian startup incubator celebrates 20th anniversary

For 20 years, build has been promoting!-Incubator successfully supports innovative startups and gives young founders the chance to realize their visions and ideas. But what does the future hold for Build!? In an ever-changing world and increasing competition, the question is what the next phase of incubation centers will look like.

A promising future for Build! Could be to focus on future-oriented technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual reality. Targeted investments in research and development can open up new business areas that offer long-term prospects for the startups and the economy as a whole.

20 Years of build! - carinthian startup incubator celebrates anniversary

Another important factor for the future of build! is the cooperation with other leading incubators and companies. Through strategic partnerships, valuable resources and expertise can be shared to support the growth and success of startups. should also strive for international cooperation and stronger networking with other regions and markets.

Supporting startups with a social or environmental focus will also play an important role in Build! play. More and more young entrepreneurs not only want to build a successful business, but also make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Build! will therefore increasingly rely on such startups in the future to have a positive impact on society and raise awareness of social and environmental responsibility.

20 years of build! – Carinthian startup incubator celebrates anniversary

Carinthia’s startup incubator build! Is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Since its founding in 2001, the incubator has helped many startups realize their ideas and bring their products and services to market. Celebrations are planned to mark this important event and celebrate the achievements of the incubator.

During the celebration, former and current startups will be invited to share their experiences and successes and thank the incubator for its support. There will also be an opportunity to connect with investors and other key players in the startup ecosystem and discover new business opportunities.

The celebration will also be an opportunity to look to the future and plan how the incubator can support even more startups in the next 20 years. The goal remains to strengthen Carinthia’s economy and society by promoting and supporting innovative and forward-thinking ideas.

  • Startup incubator – A facility that helps young startups turn their ideas and projects into successful businesses.
  • Carinthian – Refers to the Austrian state of Carinthia, where the build! Incubator is based.
  • Anniversary – An event that celebrates the achievement of an important milestone.
  • Celebrations – ceremonial occasions to commemorate an important event or a special milestone.
  • Startups – Small innovative companies that are coming to market with innovative solutions and technologies.

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